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Dumbo Whines, Rich Lowery National Review:

Pres. Barack Obama has belatedly joined the ranks of presidential fatalists. The job isn’t too complex necessarily; it’s too damn influential. According to the New York Times, Obama has been telling aides that it’d be easier to be president of China. No one hangs on Hu Jintao’s every word, or expects global leadership from a grasping, one-party state that has never been a beacon to the world.

In the history of presidential lamentations, this has to rank among the most pathetic. It brings to mind the affecting scene from The King’s Speech when Colin Firth, playing the stammering monarch-to-be, breaks down and weeps at the prospect of the crown being thrust upon him: “I’m not a king.” Except Barack Obama campaigned for two years straight to be president of the United States — and doesn’t stutter.


Does Chrissy Matthews secretly read BitsBlog? Video:

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

Yours Truly,  5  November 2008:

Jimmy Carter Wins Re-election

My other title would have been Dewey wins.  This is simple.  Barack Obama would not keep his word as a candidate.  He will not keep his word as President.  As per Geraghty’s Law, all of BO’s statements come with expiration dates, including his promise to cut taxes for some ninety-five percent of Americans.

Obama is not a smart man.  He not an honest man.  Obama’s war on energy, gasoline, electricity, will drive the cost of living through the roof.  You were warned.  Now you will have to pay the price.  Life under the One will miserable.


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