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Dumbing Down for Dumbo I, Barack Obama’s Department of [In]Justice forces Dayton to dumb down her police force and fire departments, from: Lucas Sullivan,  Dayton Daily News:

DAYTON — The city’s Civil Service Board and the U.S. Department of Justice have agreed on a lower passing score for the police recruit exam after it was rejected because not enough blacks passed the exam.

The city lowered both written exams a combined 15 points that resulted in 258 more people passing the exam, according to a statement released Thursday by Civil Service officials. The agreement allows the city to immediately resume its plans to hire police and firefighters.

Instead of dumbing down Dayton’s police and fire departments, Dumbo just ought to hire Dayton’s rejects for his Secret Service detail.

Dumbing Down for Dumbo II,  Obami commission finds military too white, from Michael A. Walsh, New York Post:

Just when you think that our govern ment can’t get any sillier, along comes something like the Military Leadership Diversity Commission — and let’s face it, up to now you didn’t even realize such a thing existed — to crush your hopes that any sensible people are left in Washington, DC.

The diversity commission last week issued its completely unawaited report to call for, you guessed it, more diversity among military leadership. Not great fighting effectiveness, which should always be job No. 1. Not smarter leadership. Not braver fighting generals and fewer rear-echelon paper-pushers.

Combat arms are largely double volunteer.  First you have to volunteer for military service and then you have volunteer for combat arms.   If too few black and minorities first volunteer and than volunteer again, it  is hardly some defect of  the military in need of remedy.  The purpose of our military is twofold: one is to prepare for war; and two is to prevail in war.  Competency and motivation has a lot to do with it.  Diversity not a darn thing.

Do you want a military that prevails in war or one that looks diverse marching in parade?  Take your pick.

Dumbing Down for Dumbo III, Kara Rowland. from Washington Times:

Obama wants quick action on education revamp

Saying local school districts need greater flexibility to meet federal standards, President Obama on Monday called on Congress to revamp the No Child Left Behind law in time for the school year that begins this fall – a request that may be a tall order for a Congress dominated by talk of budget cuts.

The administration has previously pushed for changes to No Child Left Behind, but Mr. Obama’s announcement at an Arlington middle school marked the first time the president has set a public timetable for overhauling the 2002 law, which relies heavily on federal metrics and standardized testing. He said the goals of the law – teacher excellence, accountability and attention to the achievement gap among minority and disabled students – are the right ones, but that better metrics are needed.

Not to worry, if Lemonjello or Orangejello can’t raed,  the Obama administration can just issue yet another waiver.   That and dollar fiffy, will get yo a cup of coffee.

Diddle and then panic seem to be the Obami standard operating procedure.  No Child Left Behind had been on the since it was largely drafted by the late Senator Oldsmobile as one the first act of the Bush 43  administration.  Yet the Obami are acting the some new problem requiring urgent congressional action.   The need to legislate in haste is what led to the disaster that is Obama Care.

Dumbo the Dither, Fiddling While Libya Burns and On Libya and budget, President Obama votes ‘present’.

I know Japan, and Japan is no New Orleans,  I would not with what happened on  Japan on any person other than Michael Moore, but I am confident that no people are better equipped to handle such a disaster than are the Japanese,  from Chico Harlan, Washington Post:

TOKYO — With its coastal areas pulverized and its nationwide energy supply running low, Japan in recent days has lost much of its infrastructure and refined lifestyle, and far too many of its people.

But so far, the country has retained its decorum.

The island nation has responded to a pileup of catastrophes in a way that reflects both its peculiarities and strengths. There’s a ferryboat sitting atop a house in the tsunami-ravaged town of Otsuchi. But at shelters across the country, shoes are neatly removed at the entrance and the trash is sorted by recycling type.

In the interest of assisting the inevitable Japanese recovery Bitsblog strongly urges that the Obama administration enact a total and complete embargo on American celebutards  such as  Sean Penn, Michael Moore or either of the Clinton’s, B.J. or Mrs, setting foot in Japan.

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