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Breakfast Scramble (Thursday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
In Cold Blood, the sad thing about this story is that I don’t find it shocking. from Claire Berlinsk [1]i:

Writing in Cold Blood About Itamar

We went yesterday to Itamar, the West Bank settlement where Udi and Ruth Fogel, and their children–Yoav, age 11, Elad, age 4, and Hadas, their 3-month-old daughter–were murdered. A detail that wasn’t widely reported, or reported anywhere that I’ve seen, is that their newborn baby was decapitated

The Palestinians have yet to master the art of  being human.

Madison South, Miami-Dade voters reject tax and spend politics, from Matthew Haggman and Martha Brannigan, Miami Herald [2]:

Voters swept Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez out of office by a stunning margin Tuesday, capping a dramatic collapse for a politician who was given increased authority by voters four years ago to clean up much-maligned county government but was ushered out in the largest recall of a local politician in U.S. history.


The campaign to recall Alvarez was launched in October by billionaire businessman Norman Braman after Alvarez successfully pushed for a property tax-rate increase to help plug a gaping budget hole. At the same time, Alvarez pushed for labor contracts with employee unions that included pay hikes for most county workers this year.

“County voters have demonstrated by their ballot that they are tired of unaccountable officials, of being ignored, and of being over-taxed in this very difficult recessionary time,” Braman said Tuesday night. “We’ve empowered the people of this county to take back the government and ask the government to be responsive to the people.”

It is an cycle.  Corrupt politicians use the taxpayers ‘ money to bribe public sector unions, to garner the union support for the politicians re-election.   The cycle can be broken and has been broken in Miami.

Ob Baby Where’s My Viagra Award, if you wonder why it is called the lame stream media, check of this Karen Travers pap from ABC [3]..

Today on Top Line, we checked in with ESPN’s Andy Katz, who was at the White House yesterday as President Obama unveiled his NCAA Tournament picks.

None dare call this reporting.   And from a girl who need no Viagra, Ann Althouse [4]:

Let me muscle past that adulation and hammer one point: The simple facts speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter what emotion these second-rate writers lather into their reporting. We can see that Obama is disinclined to take positions or actions with respect to the core responsibilities of the presidency.

Harry Truman liked to say “The buck stops here.”    Dumbo would rather pass the buck.

‘Pubs reject AGW hysteria, House republican vote to rejeact delusion of anthropogenic global warming.  Libs so stark raving mad, from Talking Point Memo [5]:

Republicans on the House Energy And Commerce Committee — the entire Republican contingent on the panel — declined on Tuesday to vote in support of the very idea that climate change exists.

Democrats on the panel had suggested three amendments that said climate change is a real thing, is caused by humans and has potentially dire consequences for the future. The amendments came on a Republican bill to block the EPA from offering regulations to mitigate the results of global climate shifts. The global scientific community is in near unanimous agreement that climate change is real, and that humans contribute to it

Well done gentlemen.

Moron of the Day: Adrian Peterson, via American Thinker [6]:

The players are getting robbed. They are…The owners are making so much money off of us to begin with. I don’t know that I want to quote myself on that….

It’s modern-day slavery, you know?…The owners are trying to get a different percentage, and bring in more money. I understand that, these are business-minded people…But as players, we have to stand our ground and say, “Hey, without us, there is no football. “

Mr. Peterson [7] has a contract with the Minnesota Viking.  No slave ever had a contract.    I wonder who is paid to read the illiterate Mr  Peterson’s play book to him?