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The Audacity of a Dope, Jack Kelly explains the political phenomenon formerly attributed to one Barack Husien Obama, from RCP:

Mr. Obama’s campaign speeches consisted mostly of empty platitudes, which nevertheless were greeted with wild applause.

“Obama’s appeal comes not from the things he says, but from who is saying them,” wrote columnist Froma Harrop during the campaign. Though mostly a fan, Ms. Harrop noted that in “The Audacity of Hope,” Mr. Obama wrote “my treatment of the issues is often partial and incomplete.” Ms. Harrop said, “It takes some doing for a politician to write a 364-page book, his second volume, and skate past all controversy.”

Obama goes from a blank screen to an empty suit.

Slimes discovers the public with public sector unions,  from New York Times:

At a time when public school students are being forced into ever more crowded classrooms, and poor families will lose state medical benefits, New York State is paying 10 times more for state employees’ pensions than it did just a decade ago.

That huge increase is largely because of Albany’s outsized generosity to the state’s powerful employees’ unions in the early years of the last decade, made worse when the recession pushed down pension fund earnings, forcing the state to make up the difference.

That is the problem with  public sector unions in New York, where the Slimes has to pay taxes, not in Wisconsin where the Simes doss not happen to pay taxes.

Of  course the problem is the name in New York as in Wisconsin.   Corrupt public officials give out taxpayer dollars to corrupt union officiasl in exchange for campaign support.

More,  Don Surber:

In other words, Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is right to take on the unions.

In fact, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing the same thing. He wants to freeze wages and increase employee contributions to health insurance and pensions.

What liberals are facing up to are the wild promises to state employees to keep the Democrats in power.

Of course,  Don is  wrong to exclude Republicans from the blame.   The republican RINO governor George Pataki also traded taxpayer dollars for union support.    If democrat nominee Carl McCall had but promised to reverse Pataki’s deal with the health care workers,  he would have had my vote.


Deflating Public Education, by Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

Study it. Here’s a shot of an apparently poor black man. He is picketing in Chicago carrying a misspelled sign which charges that charter schools are being promoted by “big business.”

Maybe the poor black man was planted by the evil Karl Rove?

Donald gets trumped, Lamar Alexander thumps Trump, from Daniel Strauss, Hill

“I mean, he’s famous for being famous. He may be good in business but he’s not going to be president,” Alexander said.

Alexander said that there were only a few people who could actually win the presidency, and Trump definitely isn’t one of them.

“So, [former Republican Minnesota Gov.] Tim Pawlenty has a much better chance than Donald Trump of being the Republican nominee,” Alexander said.

As much as  just hate to disagree with Senator Alexander, the senator is wrong.  Trump is not good in business, habitually filing for bankruptcy.   Why any fool would loan Trump money is beyond me.  I for one  am not willing to trust our nstion’s finances to a fool like Trump.  Are you?

Standing in Larry King’s Shadow, James Wolcott asks, from Vanity Fair:

Where did Piers Morgan come from? And is there any way to send him back?

It is simple, if you don’t like Morgan, don’t watch him.  I don’t.

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