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Respect Dumbo?

Oprah Winfrey wants Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama to get respect, from M J Lee. Politico [1]:

Oprah called on President Obama’s critics on Friday to “show some level of respect.”

“I feel that everybody has a learning curve, and I feel that the reason why I was willing to step out for him was because I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart,” the influential TV host said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in Chicago.

She said the presidency is a position that “holds a sense of authority and governance over us all,” and that “even if you’re not in support of his policies, there needs to be a certain level of respect.”

Reax, Robbie Cooper, Urban Grounds [2]:

Well…Oprah (and Obama — both of ’em) can kiss my cracker ass.


Hat tip: On the Box: Lie to Me

Hat tip phote: On the Box: Lie to Me [4]

No sale Winny.    Respect is only mine to give and not yourx to demand.   Dumbo gives no respect.  He gets none.