Rome, NY– As this is posted, I’m in the old Griffith Air Force base.  They’re using a whole bunch of the old base being used for industry, these days. One of the industries is a Family Dollar distribution center, to which I’m making a delivery.

I came up from Dayton, NJ last night, and drove through the front of the storm that’s now pounding us here in central NY state.  I’ve got some dinner warming in the oven, and a cup of tea (Earl Grey, no milk) near to hand.

The snow is blowing,  and the weather services are screaming that we’re going to see single numbers around here tonight, again. Guess I’ll be running the truck most of the night so as to stay warm.

I’m finding myself getting somewhat more organized in places, and not so much in others.  It’s a huge change in lifestyle that takes the most getting used to.  A week away from home at a time can really screw things up. Add to that the aspect of seperation from one’s family and you will begin to understand how easily one can get addled. Donna’s having a hard time with it, too, though not as hard as I originally thought.  I fell badly for her… she didn’t sign on for this 20 years ago.  But, I’m determined to make the best I can of this situation.


Looking around, I see Glenn commenting on Perry’s state of the State message, from Texas. Says he:

“Contrast Gov. Perry’s words with California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, who tried invoking Egypt’s unrest to justify raising taxes, and the Democratic leadership in Illinois, which is raising income taxes 66%, and it’s not difficult to see why businesses are flocking to Texas, bringing jobs with them.”

No duh. The funny part is, that a large number of the people bailing out on places like California and Illinois, (and New York, for that matter) are Democrats. They see the damage that Democrat policies are causing and yet, they’re still Democrats.  I wonder sometimes what it will take to wake such folks up.

Oh… and as for Obama’s claim he never raised taxes?  We know better.

Centrist? Bah…

Bruce points out that there’s not all that much difference anymore between the Blue Dog Democrats and the Country-Club GOP, as regards spending. He’s quite right of course… but more… it’s the supposed centrist yen of the country clubbers in the GOP that are the problem, here. It’s not that the Blue Dogs are coming right, it’s that the establishment GOP has been going left on us. Hence, the Tea Party. And that’s also why both the Dems and the GOP are trying to dump on the tea party.

Are you getting this down?


I’ve been watching that melt down over there for some time… and I’ll say at the off, I’m totally unimpressed by Urkel’s efforts there.  Like most leftists, he’s still not learned that there are some people…. other than his wife…. who cannot be negotiated with.  The Israelis know this very well and are watching our actions in Egypt with a mounting fear.

So too is the remainder of the world… and I tell you now, this will affect our foreign standing more than anything else… our treatment of  Mubarik. Is there anyone who does not understand that our nation had a freind in Mubarik, and what the rest of the world’s governments think when we streat our freinds ths way at every election?

Dinner’s ready.

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