First, some great news to pass along. I’ve been assigned a new (to me) truck… and boy it’s a beauty. I had the chance to drive it for a day last summer and fell in love.  Never figured I’d get this one for my own assignment, but here it is, in a pic taken last summer. I do have more recent pics but this looks better because of less salt on the paint. It needs a bath right now.

Eric's New Truck

It’s an ’06 International 9400.  Big Cummins Engine, 13speed Eaton/Fuller, heated leather seats.  Essentially it drives like a big car, and a bit of a hotrod, at that.  Just beautiful. I’m still moving into it, just now, but ‘ll post some pics of the inside soon.


Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Obama’s pork spending bill, he called “stimulus”. What exactly did this monster stimulate? Taxes. Debt, and it grew government. Past that, not much. The White House and congressional Democrats like to tell us the jobs created. The fact is we’ve lost 2.5 million jobs in the two years since this thing was rammed down our throats. The unemployment is being reported as being at 9%… a figure we know to be flawed at least and  a flat out lie in truth.

This is what Democrats regard as success.

As bad as domestic policy is under Obama, the foreign policy is as bad. In looking at Egypt, and the events surrounding the departure of Mubarik, let’s go back in time to another foreign policy genius, Jimmah Carter, whose list of disasters includes the abject stupidity involved with our handling of the Shah, and the Iranian Revolution. Most of you weren’t around at the time, but do some reading, folks. The noises Carter’s White House was making are not at all dissimilar to what Obama is making now….making ouut like the removal of the shah was some kind of vitory for western style democracy. Look at the Iran we saw at the end of Carter’s mishandling of the office of POTUS, and look at it today, and explain to me what the hell either one has to do with western style democracy. Similar policies, beget similar results, and hence Egypt, today. With other nations joining the list of those being threatened by extremist muslims.

Enough. I gotta get up at 2am.

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