DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleDumbo’s Dream Energy, if Barack Obama is for it, be it Obama Care or his so-called green energy, figure  it will cnost the consumer more to get less, rom Lee Lane and Paul Bernstein, ,RCP:

For all the eye-appeal of the president’s new plan, though, it is far from clear if it can work as energy policy. Think about what it would take to reach the goal of 80% clean power. It is true that lowering emissions from the power sector is likely to be less costly than making equally large cuts in other sectors. Just how costly it will be to lower power sector emissions in the way that the president proposes will depend on how narrowly ‘clean energy’ is defined and how quickly the cuts must be made.

Yet even if such CO2-free sources as nuclear and hydro power turn out to qualify as ‘clean energy’, reaching the target would still mean boosting the output of all such sources from where it stands today, at just over 30% of the total, to the president’s goal of 80%. This transition would require replacing over 60% of existing fossil-fired power plants with non-fossil fuel based energy; further, it would mean doing so within just 25 years.  Analysis of policies like those that Mr. Obama proposes shows that the costs of so large a change in so short a time span could more than double electricity prices.

If  Obama studied anything in college, is sure was not economics.

On Wisconsin, video from the front lines in Madison, video:

Hat tip and loud shout out to Ann Althouse:

Protesters at the Wisconsin Capitol disrespectfully have taped signs on and piled junk against the Veterans Memorial.

Meade and I confront them, and we’re told we’re the first people who’ve had a problem with it. I try to explain how that attempted defense of the behavior is only going to make it look worse. It means that of all these crowds of people in the Capitol, no one else has noticed or cared enough to say anything.

Very well played.

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