DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Obami stand mute, from Dana Milbank, RCP:

WASHINGTON — There have been worse times to start a new job in Washington. When Abraham Lincoln arrived in the capital 150 years ago this week, for example, the South had already seceded.

Jay Carney, the new White House press secretary, didn’t have anything quite so dire on his hands when he took over the briefing room podium last week. But President Obama has put his new spokesman in an unenviable position: He is the mouthpiece of an administration that has painfully little to say.


The passivity wasn’t the fault of the new spokesman. He merely had the uncomfortable task of articulating a coherent policy in the absence of one.

Bush be gone, from Jennifer Rubin Washington Post:

The left, for reasons that are unclear to me, appears bent on making the Koch brothers a campaign issue for 2012. The billionaire brothers who head Koch Industries have been major donors to free-market and other conservative causes. So rather than run against the real 2012 Republican nominee, the left would like to run against the Koch duo. Sound a little weird?

Apparently, the left feels they have exhausted George W. Bush as campaign issue.   Sadly, for the ‘Rats, the ‘Pubs just getting warmed up on Dumbo.

Cuomo’s Crummy Catholicism, it continues to befuddle me why some politicians, such as Mario Junior, b/k/a Andrew Cuomo want to seen as Catholics but don’t actually want to be Catholic from Tamara Abraham and Fiona Roberts, Daily Mail (UK):

A Vatican adviser has condemned New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as ‘gravely sacrilegious’ for receiving Holy Communion – because he is not married to his live-in girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee.

Edward Peters, a consultant for the Vatican’s high court, said Mr Cuomo should not take the sacrament of Communion while he is engaged in what he called ‘public concubinage’ with Ms Lee.

If Junior doesn’t want to be Catholic, that is his private affair.   However, Junior should not pretend to be Catholic, while not living as a Catholic.

Squaring the Circle, Fred Krager, Guardian (UK):

The opponents of equality for all Americans lost big on Wednesday with the announcement by President Obama that he has decided that the so-called “Defence of Marriage Act” (Doma) is unconstitutional – and his administration will no longer defend it in federal court.

Hate groups like the National Organisation for Marriage (Nom), which had spent tens of millions of dollars in just the last three years to take away rights from so many Americans, are panicking. They have been very successful in stopping and removing gay marriage in a majority of the states. But with this announcement, the sky has fallen right on their heads.

If I were argue that a  circle is  not a square, would that make me somehow anti-geometry?  Same sex marriage has no natural potential for procreation.  It is therefore not equal to traditional marriage..

Ban the Buggy, low tech lifestyle has its perils as well, from Bruce Schreine and Kristen M Hall, Associated Press:

MAYFIELD, Ky. – A horse-drawn buggy carrying an Amish family home from dinner and using a community telephone toppled in a rain-swollen creek in rural Kentucky, killing four children who were swept away in the swift-moving water, authorities said Friday

Our sympathies.

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