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Madison on the Nile, question that is the difference between the thugs who protested in the streets of Cairo and the thugs protesting in Madison?  The thugs in Egypt at least pretended to support democracy.

Chicago Thug, you take the thug out of Chicago, but a thug is still a thug.

Meltdown with Ed Schultz, if the host were Rush Limbaugh Stink Progress would be all over it and it would lead on Memeorandum.  Alas, video:

Hat tipa:  Ed Dristoll,and Right Scoop.

Megan McArdle, Atlantic argues that a support, or lack thereof  same, for abortion depends how easy, or hard you view child birth:

What I don’t think it reflects is simply that pro-lifers are wrapping themselves in some gauzy, glamorized notion of birth.  Most women over 50 have given birth, and they are split about evenly on the question of legalized abortion.  The women I know who have given birth, whether pro-life or pro-choice, do not romanticize it.  They speak, of course, of the miracle that it is.  But they also speak, often rather too frankly, of how difficult and often disgusting the process is.  If a substantial number of pro-lifers are women who have given birth–and they are–then we pro-choicers can’t simply tell ourselves that it’s because they haven’t really thought about what birth entails.

Clue Meagan, he is  real living person, from Joan Beck, Orlando Sentinel

Obstetricians understand better than anyone else that an unborn baby isn’t a blob of tissue or a growing tumor or an unnecessary appendix. Whatever the euphemisms, they know that it is living, that it is human, that it is unique and that abortion kills it.

Hat tip and more: Jill, Pundit & Pundette:

Response from husband Pundit, who had an up-close-and-personal view of the births of our seven children and was never disgusted:
making an argument on behalf of Planned Parenthood?


Support for abortion is a form of self-loathing. The life pro-choicers hate may be their own.

The good news,the pro-choicers may choose to breed themselves out of existence.

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