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Make my day, Shirley Sherrod has just made Andrew Breitbart’s day, night and wet dreams, from Pajamas Media:

First Daniel Snyder, now Shirley Sherrod.  Captain of the Bigs Andrew Breitbart has been sued by former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod for defamation.


This seems like a dangerous play for Mrs. Sherrod, because now Andrew and the Bigs can depose her, her friends, get documents they couldn’t otherwise get, and conduct all manner of discovery on her.  In other words, they have the power of the law to dig deeper into the scandal.  In fact, it’s probably something Andrew has been dreaming about for months.

With Valentines Day coming up, Andy should send Mrs. Sherrod a big box of chocolates.

Fast Track to Nowhere, the insanity of the Obama administration’s obsession with high speed rail, from Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post:

Governing ought to be about making wise choices. What’s disheartening about the Obama administration’s embrace of high-speed rail is that it ignores history, evidence and logic. The case against it is overwhelming. The case in favor rests on fashionable platitudes. High-speed rail is not an “investment in the future”; it’s mostly a waste of money. Good government can’t solve all our problems, but it can at least not make them worse.

Granted Obama is uneducated, but is his entire administration stupid?  If you in a hurry, fly.    If you want to save money, take a bus.

CPAC, from by Mark McKinnon Daily Beast:

At the auditions for Conservative Idol 2012, also known as the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in Washington, D.C., some contenders pitched hard but fell flat, while others hit perfect notes and were rewarded with rock-star receptions from the record crowd.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the Sanjaya of presidential candidates—with a fevered but limited libertarian fanbase—won the straw-poll vote for the second year running. But the CPAC straw poll is not historically predictive. Other more likely contestants for the final two on the GOP ticket tested their messages, finding their rhythm and groove

Ron Paul is not a serious candidate for president.  Likewise any poll showing Paul to be the leading presidential contender, can not be taken seriously.

WTF Dumbo? Barack Obama refers to himself as the Gipper, video:

Hat and reax: Locutisprime,  Brutally Honest.

There seem to be a lot of comparisons of late, between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Throwbacks to a better time and wishful thinking on the part of the left, combined with their belief that they obviously believe they can confuse the people and blur the lines between a truly great American president and heretofore, the worst president this nation has ever suffered.

I will not paraphrase Lloyd Bensen.

Dumbo is not the Gipper, from Lawrence Kudlow, RCP:

Reagan and Obama both inherited deep and brutal recessions. But the first six recovery quarters look completely different for each president.

So far, real GDP has averaged only 3 percent annually for Obama. Employment as defined by nonfarm payrolls has increased by a paltry 121,000.

On the other hand, going back to Reagan’s first six recovery quarters, real GDP averaged 7.7 percent annually while nonfarm payrolls rose by 5.3 million.

Moreover, Reagan didn’t want credit.  He wanted to get things done.   All Dumbo cares about is credit.

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