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Dumbo’s Priorities, from Rush Limbaugh:

The price of oil around the world is skyrocketing.  The Saudis are talking about ramping up their production.  How about the crisis in the Middle East?  I mean, for heaven’s sake, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” right?  We have a crisis in the Middle East, we have no job creation, the deficit continues to explode, the price of oil is soaring.  We are doing nothing about compensating for that in our own country.  How about Wisconsin?  If you’re president, the smartest person in the world, you focus on government unions and how they are choking state budgets?  Do you focus on the border where unchecked illegal immigration continues?

You’re The Messiah!  Tell me, what do you focus on?  And what’s the answer?

Gay marriage

Ruth Marcus’ personal problem,  from the Washington Post:

House Republicans voted to increase the number of abortions, raise federal health-care costs and swell the welfare rolls.

That wasn’t their intent, of course, and certainly not their stated policy. But it is the predictable and inevitable impact of their twin moves to eliminate funding for the federal family planning program and strip Planned Parenthood of all federal money.

Marcus needs to learn that her pregnancy, its continuation and all potential outcomes, is purely her personal responsibility.  If the decisions to both get pregnant or and stay pregnant are deemed to be private, as indeed they are, then their consequences are Marcus’s personal responsibility

Union thug assaults girl, video:

Camera person, victim and on the scene reporter, Tabitha Hale, Red State:

Today, union thugs descended on the FreedomWorks office. It was the middle of the day, and there was some excitement outside as all the buses pulled up and people started to fill the courtyard. We decided to go out and show our support for freedom. Intern Steve was quickly suited up.


I was taking pictures and video with my phone, and I heard my coworker getting into a heated exchange with one of the protesters. I turned on my iPhone camera and headed over to film it. They were going back and forth, the protester called my colleague a “little sh*t” just as I walked up, which is where the video starts. Then he noticed I was filming. Here’s what happened:

When union thugs resort to shoving five foot one females, you know they have lost.

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