The United States Navy screws up, from Steve Szkotak:

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) – The Navy permanently removed a senior officer from command of his aircraft carrier Tuesday because of raunchy comedy videos he made and showed to the crew several years ago.

The videos, which included anti-gay slurs and sexual innuendo, showed extremely poor judgment by Capt. Owen Honors, said the commander of U.S. Fleet Forces, Adm. John C. Harvey Jr

If Captain Honors had not been doing an excellent job, he would not have been selected for command twice since the videos were aired, some four years.

From USNI:

There can only be three answers by the Navy concerning these videos. “We” refers to the Flag Officer Community that leads our Navy – just to be clear.

1. We had no idea.
2. We knew and didn’t care.
3. We disaproved, counseled our Shipmate, corrective action taken with remediation, and we moved forward.

Captain Honors produced his videos with the knowledge and consent o his superior officers and was twice selected for command since the release of the videos.  All of a sudden, the same Navy which approved of Captain Honors’ videos, now finds them unacceptable.   Gentlemen, your actions are not acceptable.

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