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My View From the Road: 1-25-11

Harrisburg, PA–

As this is written, I’m at the TA in Harrisburg. I was supposed to be over by Albany by this time, but an equipment failure…. (flat tire) lost me four hours of drive time.  When things go mostly right, it’s easy to bitch about the small stuff. When there’s a bigtime fail… well, those minutes lost to taking a wrong turn don’t seem quite so much a problem.

The life of a professional truck driver is one that takes some getting used to. Certainly, being away from Donna and the kids is an issue, but being out of the normal environment is an issue as well. I’m managing, and am getting used to it, but I can’t imagine the separation aspect will ever NOT be an issue. Donna, I suppose, has nothing to worry about, in terms of my finding someone else. (grin)

I’d like to be sharing more pictures with you from the road, and some of the sights I’ve seen. I have a fair camera with me, but have yet to work out getting the pics from it into my laptop and thereby to you. Just logistics, and I guess I’ll have it working soon.

Looking around:

Of course, Glenn [1], but that’s always been the case. The one thing the defenders of Piven cannot withstand is a logical argument. Of course the same is true for about anyone defending liberalism/socialism.

As I said the other day, Bruce. [2].. the only thing “civil discourse’ does is work for the establishment. Note that the left, who had become famous for discourse that was anything BUT civil, is now screaming for it after they got handed their backsides in a basket last November.

I’m off to Albany in he early morning. ‘ta for now.