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Special better late then never edition.

Dumping on Dupnik, I admit it cheap amusement, but I do enjoy it, form Gregory Kane, Washington Examiner

It just gets better and better with Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Ariz., doesn’t it? The city of Tucson is in Pima County. Friends and relatives of the victims of the Jan. 8 shootings that left six dead and at least 14 wounded should regret that Dupnik is their sheriff.  […] “Sheriff Dupnik would do far better to spend his time figuring out how Jared Loughner managed to buy a gun last November to commit his crimes,” opined John Fund in a commentary for the Wall Street Journal’s Web site

Joe the Ho, Joe Scarborough the former conservative rants,  via Bruce McQuain, Questions and Observation:

And who on the right is really stupid enough to not understand that the political movement that has a near monopoly on gun imagery may be the first focus of an act associated with gun violence? As a conservative who had a 100 percent rating with the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America over my four terms in Congress, I wonder why some on the right can’t defend the Second Amendment without acting like jackasses. While these types regularly attack my calls for civility, it is their reckless rhetoric that does the most to hurt the cause.

Sure Joe, video:

STFU Joe and get back in the bathtub with Olberbite.  Bob Herbert vs. Freedom, Herbert thinks the students of Virginia Tech should treated as serfs and not citizens, from New York Times:

On April 22, 2008, almost exactly one year after 32 students and faculty members were slain in the massacre at Virginia Tech, the dealer who had sold one of the weapons used by the gunman delivered a public lecture on the school’s campus. His point: that people at Virginia Tech should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Free men are free to carry their weapon where ever they may travel.  Serfs are not.  Herbert is in favor of serfdom.  And you?  Public School attacks modesty, from Fausta.

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