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WaPo to Arizona, take a hike, the Washington Post has her priorities and the people of Arizona are clearly note one of them, from Philip Rucker, Washington Post:

TUCSON – Even as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shows signs of a near miraculous recovery, with doctors upgrading her condition from critical to serious Sunday, a little-known statutory provision in Arizona state law could endanger the Democratic congresswoman’s hold on her seat through what doctors say will be a protracted medical struggle.

A statute buried in Arizona law states that if a public officeholder ceases to “discharge the duties of office for the period of three consecutive months,” the office shall be deemed vacant – at such time a special election could be called to fill the vacancy.

I can sympathize with the citizens of Arizona.  My former governor, Blindman Patterson screwed me out of representation in the House for near a year because he refused to call a special election with Eric “Periscope” Massa resigned in disgrace.    If Representative Giffords is unable to resume her duties, the citizens of Tucson still deserve representation in the  House,  even if the WaPo doesn’t like it.

WaPo discovers honesty? E.J. Dionne Jr.purports to plead for honesty in the Dumbo Care repeal debete, from Washington Post:

President Obama’s call for “a more civil and honest public discourse” will get its first test much sooner than we expected.

Having properly postponed all legislative action last week out of respect for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of the Tucson shootings, the House Republican leadership decided it could abide no further delay in a vote on its “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.” And so, as a spokesman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor explained, “thoughtful consideration of the health care bill” is slated for this week.

If you want an honest debate over the repeal of Obama Care, the first step should be for Barack Obama to say admit that everything he said in support of Obama Care was a lie.

Al Sharpton does not,  the Reverend Al Sharpton opens mouth and inserts foot, from Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Ah, those layers of fact-checkers and editors in the mainstream media come in handy, don’t they? Thank goodness NBC imposes news standards for its cable channel; otherwise, MSNBC would just spew misinformation and smears to advance a political agenda. Watch MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch connect the Tucson shootings with the “fact” that Arizona doesn’t recognize Martin Luther King Day, celebrated today — and frequent MSNBC contributor Al Sharpton declaring that Arizona has already seceded by not joining the rest of the country in honoring the civil rights activist for his non-violent pursuit of equality


There’s only one problem with this analysis … it’s flat-out wrong. Arizona began recognizing MLK Day in 1992, after a long battle over adding another paid holiday for government workers in the state. They weren’t even the last state to recognize it; New Hampshire changed Civil Rights Day to MLK Day in 1999. Utah changed Human Rights Day in 2000 to MLK Day, the same year South Carolina made it a paid holiday rather than just a day of remembrance.

I wonder just how much Reverend Al gets paid for his well informed commentary?

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