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Evan Thomas: “The health care bill is a disaster”, from Daily Caller.

“The health care bill is a disaster,” Thomas continued. “We’re sort of slowly learning – it’s not working. It’s interesting – they’re implementing it and it’s not working out at all as people anticipated. There’s all sorts of wildly wrong projections. As it’s being practiced – it’s failed.”

Hat tip: Nice Deb

Revolution cometh, the coming war between public employee labor unions and the public, from Economist:

“Industrial relations” are back at the heart of politics—not as an old-fashioned clash between capital and labour, fought out so brutally in the Thatcherite 1980s, but as one between taxpayers and what William Cobbett, one of the great British liberals, used to refer to as “tax eaters”. People in the private sector are only just beginning to understand how much of a banquet public-sector unions have been having at everybody else’s expense (see article). In many rich countries wages are on average higher in the state sector, pensions hugely better and jobs far more secure. Even if many individual state workers do magnificent jobs, their unions have blocked reform at every turn. In both America and Europe it is almost as hard to reward an outstanding teacher as it is to sack a useless one.

‘Pubs kill Pelosi’s climate change panel, from Sarah Jones, Politicus USA:

Republicans have already killed the 2007 Pelosi-created Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming. Yes, that would be a committee to deal with nonsense like the inter-related issues of energy independence, national security, America’s economic future and global warming. Things the 112th Congress has little use for.

The committee passed such legislation as the Energy Independence and Security Act that increased our use of bio-fuel, increased investment in clean energy technologies to the tune of 90 billion in clean energy per the stimulus, and carbon reduction targets were set by the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act along with a plan for clean energy jobs. Pfft

Off to a good start.  Corn liquor a/k/a ethanol is best saved for drinking not driving.  It cost about a much energy, estimates vary, to make ethanol and you get energy from ethanol.   Plus  using foodstuffs for motor fuels only increases the price of food.   As if we didn’t already have emough problems.

Inclusion? From Gwendolyn Ann Smith, Pride Source:

Meanwhile, the volume was raised within our community. Transgender people pitted themselves against our gay and lesbian siblings in an increasingly vocal war of words. People fought over inclusion, over the still dead Employment Non-Discrimination Act, over ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ and – more than anything – over a single six letter word – tranny – and who could use it when. The latter fight seems to be a battle not yet truly over

A community is a population with shared values.   I find it ironic that a population sets themselves apart, and then clamors for inclusion.  Make up your mind.

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