(East Syracuse, NY)— Came in from Carlisle, PA last night, and spent the night at Binghamton, NY. I can’t say I’m overly impressed with this truck; the steering feels a little vauge, especially when the roads are wet. Past that, (and a lown out brake line on the trailer last night) things have been fairly uneventful on the road.

They called me a couple days ago and told me I’d be long haul going forward. I didn’t get nearly the time to prepare I would ahve liked, but that’s this biz, I guess. Donna had to pack me a care kit to keep me going for a while. I’ll have a chance to get better set up this weekend for next week, I suppose… but for now, I have clothing my meds and so on, for a week.

Doing yet another road test for a prospective employee, this morning, here in East Syracuse. I guess this means they trust my judgment which is encouraging, but it does screw up my miles and occasionally raises my blood pressure. New guys usually are not the best of drivers. I know I wasn’t. It’s more complex a task than it looks.

I’m just now starting to get back into the network swing, and getting my timing down… and I’m feeling a little isolated from world news…. particularly since the AM section in the radio in this rig doesn’t work. I’ve only been over the road for two days now and so I guess that’s to be expected.

I notice over at OTB, that the usuals are still trying to put the bite on Sarah Palin, trying to convince us all… as the GOP establishment and the left have been doing for some time now… that Palin is a lightweight. If she’s such a lightweight, and thereby not a threat…why expend all of this negative energy on her?  Well, look at the pattern of who these folks attack. Real conservatives. What we have here is the state and it’s adherents, protecting the status quo. It’s really that simple.

I see a lot of chatter on the web about civility. Civility? Sorry, I don’t see the use of it in politics…. well, actually, I do and it’s not good. It tends to support the status quo.  Freedom is seldom supported by people who are civil. Usually the civil ones are the well-established pols who bring to mind the song “Smiling Faces Sometimes”

To that point, I remember being in school and the teachers sometimes separating kids from their freinds to prevent certain interactions.  The seating arrangements at vthe State of the Union address seem to me modeled on that approach. Keep the conservatives isolated and they’re going to be less bold about calling Obama a liar.

I’ll be injecting this kind of post  as  have time and bandwidth going forward… with observations of the day and thoughts on the passing parade.

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