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Breakfast Scramble (Wednesday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Jimmy Carter: Putz, from Jennifer Epstein, Politico [1]:

Former President Jimmy Carter says his biggest failure during his term in the White House was that he didn’t get to spend another four years there.

“I guess my biggest failure was not getting reelected,” he said in an interview with Big Think, referring to the 1980 presidential election.

Stagflation,  the misery index, gasoline lines,  Desert One,  but most of all sixty-six Americans were held hostage for four hundred forty-four days [2] due to an weak and impotent president.   Mr. President,  your best was not nearly good enough   Mr. President, it took a real president to get your job done.

Mrs. Pelosi: Moonbat, from John W. Lillpop, Borderfire Report [3]:

Nanny Pelosi’s Moon Bat Thoughts Regarding Illegal Aliens

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Shreiker of the U.S. House for 19 more days, vehemently objects to use of the term “illegal aliens” to describe–well, illegal aliens.

Dumboville,  Obami look to bring back bread lines, from National Center for Public Policy Research [4]:

“By having the EPA regulate carbon emissions, Lisa Jackson is laying the foundation for the 2010 version of bread lines by supporting efforts that will raise energy costs,” noted Project 21’s Borelli. “It’s outrageous that Jackson’s policies will drive many low-income citizens to the government plantation.”

Energy drives the economy, and by driving up the cost of energy, the Obami look to kill the economy