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Breakfast Scramble (Monday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Dumbo forced to clean up his own mess, rather that hole in roof, Barack Obama seems to prefer mopping the floor, from USA Today [1]:

President Obama is engaging in some post-WikiLeaks diplomacy.

In phone calls Saturday to the leaders of Turkey and Mexico, Obama deplored the WikiLeaks release of once-secret diplomatic cables — some of which contained criticism of those two nations, and others.

The Obami are under the third wave of Wikileaks assaults, and all Obama can do is  grovel, and push the mop.

Kancun Klimate Kops create an enviromental mess, from Rick Moran, American Thinker [2]:

The meeting’s carbon footprint was 25,000 metric tons of emissions, according to host nation Mexico. That includes the carbon output of everything – flights by delegates, shuttle rides from the swanky Moon Palace hotel, even food preparation. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax.  The proof is that nobody who seriously believed that AGW was real would willfully create twenty five thousand metric ton carbon footprint.