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Turds of Wisdom, from Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal:

But a scorched-earth policy doesn’t make sense for the Obama White House. Independents voted Republican last month by a 59% to 38% margin not because they thought Mr. Obama too civil, his course too centrist, and his bipartisanship too energetic. In fact, they were sick of the administration’s direction and tone. The increased number of Republicans in Congress next year will stop Mr. Obama’s leftward policy march, whether he likes it or not. But only he can change his manner of speaking

Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, has all of B.J. Clinton’s honesty, to wit none, but none of BJ”s charm.

Fatso from Flint in deep hooey, Micheal Moore is a sloppy person.   He sloppy in his dress, eating habits,  movies and in his political speech.   Moore tongue has landed him in deep hooey, transcript from RS McCain, Other McCain:

MOORE: —with my film and the health care industry. They go after people with this kind of lie and smear. Daniel Ellsberg told you about it last week on how they went after him. This is— We’ve seen this before. Now, his guilt or innocence of this— I mean, what he said they did— [grinning] and the lawyer said this today in court in London—that what they say he did and the charge is his [rolls eyes] condom broke during consensual sex.
MOORE: That is not a crime in Britain, and so they’re making the point how can we—how can we extradite him over this?  This is all a bunch of hooey as far as I’m concerned! And, and the man at least has a right to be out of prison while awaiting the hearing, and I believe that, that, uh—and this is why I participate in it; this is why I put put up a chunk of the bail money, and, um, you know, I’m proud, proud to do it because I think this man and what he’s doing, and what his group is doing, is going to save lives

To those one the left who have taken offense to Moore’s remarks, welcome aboard.

Going where I dared not thread, from Cathy Young, RCP:

Earlier generations of feminists argued that rape should be treated the same as any other violent crime: the victim should not be subjected to special standards of resistance or chastity. These days, the demand for special treatment is so blatant that some activists openly support abolishing the presumption of innocence for rape cases and requiring the accused to prove consent (a proposal Valenti cites with obviously approval). In an ironic twist, these activists actually seem to hold women in very little esteem: in their world, women are too timid to push a man away if he won’t take no for an answer and too addled to know that they have been raped.

Nanny staters sue Mickey D, Center for Science in the Public Interest sues McDonald’s to take the happy out of Happy Meal, from Walter Olson, New York Daily News:

With perfect Grinch timing, a consumer group has sued McDonald’s demanding that it take the toys out of its Happy Meals.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, claims it violates California law for the hamburger chain to make its meals too appealing to kids, thus launching them on a lifelong course to overeating and other health horrors. It’s representing an allegedly typical mother of two from Sacramento named Monet Parham.

CSPI is not a consumer group.  A consumer group would advocate for more consumer choices.  CSPI advocates less choices, to wit only the ones of which Ralph Nader approves.   Also note, the CSPI also holds that adults are not  responsible for their own behavior.   Chairman Mao would approve.

Hawkins’ Top Forty, bewilderment at Vox Popoli:

John Hawkins of the Right Wing News has VP at #16 on his list of the 40 Best Conservative Blogs. I’m flattered, of course, but just a little confused given my decidedly non-conservative views on a whole panoply of political issues. Although perhaps this is a sign that conservatives are moving in a more libertarian direction after that whole experiment in Big Government Conservativism didn’t turn out so well.

The answer is simple, while Hawkins can certainly write,  his blogging in large part consists of very creative ways to get attention.    When was the last time  he wrote anything worth reading?   A list is only as good as the  list’s criteria, which in this case largely does not exist.

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