Let me provide you a data point.

Over the weekend I made a run in my tractor trailer from the Rochester area to Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

Roundtrip ended up being as close to no matter to 600 miles .  The tolls for this exercise were just a hair under $130.00.

My truck (the black one, left of shot) waiting to be unloaded at Windsor Locks, CT early Sunday morning.

Now, certainly, the trucking company I work for will pay me back for the expenditure on tolls.  No problem, this is simply the way it works.  But where they get the money?  Well, they charge more to the customer we moved the freight for.  Who, in turn, pays more for the product.  But, of course, they don’t absorb that cost either.  The person at the store buying those articles, in other words the end user , or more simply you and I, and up paying that additional fee.  It’s called a hidden tax, in that the government ends up with the money, but because it’s hidden under several layers of transactions, the end user never sees it as a tax.

Now, add that to the cost of fuel, in which is also included an extraordinarily high tax, plus mileage taxes imposed on any one operating a tractor trailer, plus all the unfunded mandates, in other words requirements for trucking companies to have such and such, and so and so, while not providing any funds for the purpose.  All those get added to your bill when you go to the store.

Just something for you to think about.

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