Billy says:

At Faceboook, McPhillips had written:

“As best as I can tell, Republicans spent the day rapidly falling behind the curve of their own success last night. I expect that by January they will be suited up in the usual coveralls to perform their traditional duties as janitorial socialists as they take the baton in the House from the aggressive malignant socialists. If you don’t believe me, listen to the language they are using.

For instance, this more or less composite statement: ‘We have to work together to get things done for the American people.’ No, you have to look this monstrosity in the effing eye and rip its entrails out.”

What you’re seeing in this aspect, Martin, is the fallacy of “representation”. What that word connotes is an epistemic matter, and the fact is that the entity (man) which is the subject of this whole affair simply doesn’t work the way that democracy purports for it.

I’m not quite sure I would go that far, Billy.

You and I have argued about this in the past.  I understand your position pretty well.  That said, however, I suggest to you that what we’re seeing is precisely why the tea party carried as much weight as it did as quickly as it did within this last cycle.  I’ve been saying for some time that unless the republicans removed the so called moderates , that this is exactly what would happen.  What you and Martin correctly observe, is exactly what I predicted.

I back this statement with a point that I’ve made to you in private years ago ; the one combination of government in this country that has never been tried is all three branches of government being held by conservatives … and I mean real conservatives.

The outstanding question to my mind at this point is whether or not the tea party is going to be able to hold onto its principles long enough to make a serious dent in the long Marxist march.

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