Last night was a drubbing of a sitting president like we have not seen since 1932. At this writing, we’re at around 60 seats worth of swing away from the Democrats, and by the end of this, possibly 70 seats.

Look, let’s be honest…. Even assuming Obama and the minions of the left had a blinking clue about the degree of defeat they took last night, they’d never admit it. The one clue we’re going to get now is the left now preaching “compromise” and “working together”. A pause, ¬†however…. I’m on record as saying the only time Democrats ever mouth the word “compromise” is when they’re losing. So it is today.

The vote yesterday was decidedly not about compromise. a couple of prime examples would be Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. Remember this if nothing else about those two… ¬†they represent compromise and were in fact hailed by the left as being the kind of Centrist Republican they could work with. The numbers of votes seem to suggest that rank and file Democrats were not interested in such centrists and such compromises. Much the same as the centerist compromise presidential candidate, John McCain was rejected by the left after they fawned over him for months… until after the Republican primary season was over.

And lets remember the “I WON” syndrome exhibited by Obama. Clearly working together wasn’t on his agenda either… at least until such time as the election results came in last night.

What we have in last night’s results is not an electorate wanting to work with Obama on completing his agenda… but an electorate wanting to stop him.

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