An interesting problem showed up after last week’s update.  I started running out of memory while manipulating plug ins.  Turns out that the stock memory allocation settings wordpress had werelow for some of the plug ins I’ve been running.  I’ve repaired that issue. 

We’ve been bridging posts from the blog to a web page on Facebook.  That’s been getting a fair amount of traffic, and some comments.  I’ve initiated a plug in to copy some of those comments back to BitsBlog.

I have removed the old comment filter, which required you putting in a particular word to the form for you to be allowed to post comments.  I’m trying a new spam filtering idea and so far it seems to be working after some initial adjustments.  We’ll see how this goes.  If you have any trouble posting comments, let me know. 

BitsBlog is now averaging on the order of 900 hits a day, give or take. 

All plug in updates , save one, are completed.  I need to do some testing on the one I haven’t updated yet. 
Database backups continue unabated.  Those are automatic, and appear to be functioning normally. 

Enjoy your week.

PS: Almost forgot.  I’ve added a new server cache which seems to be working well.  Essentially this is like a number of other server side cache routines, with the exception that this is one with a much smaller footprint in terms of CPU cycles.  It also has the advantage of allowing logged in users to bypass the cache.  Which means that BitsBlog authors will get somewhat slower service than regular readers, but edits will be reflected correctly. 

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