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Obami* stuck on Green, going green is not the same as going smart.  from the Washington Post:

[Laurence] Anton has been out of work since 2008, when his job as a surveyor vanished with Florida’s once-sizzling housing market. After a futile search, at age 56 he reluctantly returned to school to learn the kind of job skills the Obama administration is wagering will soon fuel an employment boom: solar installation, sustainable landscape design, recycling and green demolition.

Anton said the classes, funded with a $2.9 million federal grant to Ocala’s workforce development organization, have taught him a lot. He’s learned how to apply Ohm’s law, how to solder tiny components on circuit boards and how to disassemble rather than demolish a building.

The only problem is that his new skills have not resulted in a single job offer. Officials who run Ocala’s green jobs training program say the same is true for three-quarters of their first 100 graduates.

(*)  The WaPo might want to bone up on the term Obami.   She will be seeing plenty of it, come One December.

Doing job market research is not exactly rocket science, but Anton flunked.    A trip to your local library can show what jobs employers are seeking.    For example, our founding blogger got trained as Over the Road truck driver and managed find a position.   A quick study of  want ads would reveal a large demand for truck driver.

Now did Anton do any job research before he went green?   It would appear not.   The jobs the Obami are touting simply do not exist, and may well never exist..

WaPo strikes Gold,  Washington Post hire Jennifer Rubin, from John Podhortz,  Commentary:

Jenifer Rubin

For the past three years, Jennifer Rubin has set this blog and this website afire with her breadth of knowledge, her love of the intricacies of politics, her passion for ideas and policy, and her commitment to principle. The living embodiment of the word “indefatigable,” Jen has labored daily from her home in suburban Virginia, writing early in the morning and late at night, on computer and Blackberry, all the while getting her two boys to school and back, and to Hebrew school and back, never missing a news story, never missing an op-ed column, reading everything and digesting everything and commenting on everything. She is a phenomenon, especially considering that for the first two decades of her working life, she was not a writer or a journalist but a lawyer specializing in labor issues who worked for Hollywood studios primarily.

On December 1, Jen will be leaving COMMENTARY, where she has also served as our contributing editor for the past year, to take up blogger’s residence at the Washington Post. It is a brilliant hire

Eric, would you believe we missed her by that much?  Well nether would I.

Obami smart diplomacy,  not so much,  Scott, Powerline links a story of the Obama administration being played for fools:

Peter Schweizer notes this strange report by Dexter Filkins in the New York Times that the supposed Taliban leader with whom we have been negotiating in Afghanistan — the man we thought was Mullah Mansour — was actually an impostor.

Maybe the Obami think the Taliban are democrats, who will all sell out for a price.

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