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Newt boots it, or why Newt Gingrich should never again run for public office. Gingrich is the political version of Glenn Beck, a better than average mind sabotaged by the chronic problem talking before thinking.  Gingrich’s latest Beck moment, from David Brody, CBN News:

President Obama has had an amazing career. He’s gone from State Senator to U.S. Senator to Democratic Nominee to President with amazing speed. Now in this Election, he’s had his first really big decisive defeat. I think it’ll be really healthy for him if he could take off from Thanksgiving through most of December and really think. I mean walk on the beach or walk in the woods or whatever he likes doing but get away from the daily business and try to reflect on what happened.

Hat tip: Michelle.

Gingrich is smart enough, and informed enough, to realize that a Narcissus, such as Barack Obama, is utterly incapable of self-reflection.    Obama, a/k/a Dim Won, a/k/a Dumbo can not get past his notion that he knows all the answers,  and any disagreement with him is simply due t his inability to explain his divine truth the the bitter clingers.

Mrs. Pelosi does the  Lewisinky, or three into two won’t go, by Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Over the weekend, I wondered whether Nancy Pelosi’s solution to the leadership fight between Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn — but really caused by herself — would mollify the Congressional Black Caucus.  As of last night, the answer appears to be a resounding no.  While the CBC says it supports Clyburn for “the number three position,” the group pointedly refused to endorse Pelosi for the top position until Pelosi explains exactly what Clyburn’s authority and power will actually be in the new make-work position of “assistant leader”

The Congressional Black Caucus wants a seat at the power table.   Mrs. Pelosi does not want to give her’s up and there not room for both her and both Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn.  Which one will lose out?

Charlie’s Menendez defense,  Charles Rangel walks out of House ethics hears and pleads that he was not represented, from the New York Slimes:

“How can anyone have confidence in the decision of the ethics subcommittee when I was deprived of due process rights, right to counsel and was not even in the room?” the statement read. “I can only hope that the full committee will treat me more fairly, and take into account my entire 40 years of service to the Congress before making any decisions on sanctions.” The committee’s verdict is a stinging rebuke for Mr. Rangel, who has represented Harlem for 40 years and was once one of the most imposing Democrats in Washington.

By Rangel’s logic, any defendant could avoid conviction by simply walking out of the court room.   Shat, who needs lawyers.

Slimes refudiates cultural relativism, of welcome to the real world Bob Herbert, from the New York Slimes:

Black children can’t wait for Washington to get its act together. They don’t have time to wait for the economy to improve. They need mom and dad and the larger community to act now, to do the right thing without delay.

This is not a fight only for blacks. All allies are welcome. But the cultural imperative lies overwhelmingly with the black community itself.

Not to argue with Herbert’s argument but rather to note, and gloat, that what Herbert says goes against political correctness doctrine.   One, Herbert is rather judgemental,  and two he rejects that idea that all cultures, must somehow, be deemed to be equal.   Rather, Herbert looks at contemporary black culture and finds it wanting and in need of improvement. Such argument never made Bill Cosby very popular.    In Herbert’s case it is enough for me to declare Herbert an Honorary Swamp Stomper for the day.    That and five dollars will get him a cup of coffee.

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