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Dumbo’s Direction, from Eugene Robinson, RCP:

For what it’s worth, my advice for Obama is to forget the Republicans.  Not literally, of course — the new House leadership is going to make itself hard to ignore. But ultimately, it’s the president who sets the agenda, and who ultimately is held accountable for America’s successes and failures. Obama’s focus should be on using all the tools at his disposal to move the country in the direction he believes it must go.

The American voter has seen where,  Dumbo, a/k/a Dim Won, b/k/a Barack Obama has tried to take the country, more debt, more taxes, less privacy, more invasive government and less national security,  and they don’t like it.   Dumbo has tripled the national debt, jacked up the health care costs and put untold thousand out of work and called it progress.   What Obama believes and what the American public want are not one in the same.

Eric Holder meet  foot, from Micheal Gerson, RCP:

Testifying last year before Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder not only defended a New York trial for lead 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheik Mohammed, he lectured, he taunted, he preened. Unlike others, he was not “scared” of what Mohammed would say at trial. Failure was “not an option.” This case, he told a reporter, would be “the defining event of my time as attorney general.”

Which it certainly has been. Under Holder’s influence, American detainee policy is a botched, hypocritical, politicized mess.

The GOP chicks keep on winning, from the Washington Examiner:

Weirdly, it appears only seven-term Democrat Bob “Who are you?” Etheridge — neck and neck with his challenger throughout the night — finally succumbed to Renee Elmers (according to WRAL news of Raleigh).

Hat tip: Charlotte Conservative News.

And from Sam Foste, Left Coast Rebel:

Fog over NY-25 absentee count clears and Ann Marie Buerkle emerges as likely winner

It’s nearly a “mathematical certainty” according to a spokeperson associated with Ann Marie Buerkle’s campaign. Thanks to a recanvass of Wayne County and the final absentee count in Onondaga County. Dan Maffei has little chance in erroding Ann Marie Buerkle’s lead.

Hat tip:   RS McCain.

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