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Good Intentions, by Jay Ambrose, Orange County Register:

Good intentions will get you if you don’t watch out. That’s true of the invasion of the body scanners, of minimum-wage laws, of some welfare programs and – please don’t forget it – a supposedly altruistic push by federal agencies and politicians to put low-income families in their own homes.

Hmnn,  who was who said:   See road to Hell, paving materials?

Bad intentions,  Blue Dog blames Mrs. Pelosi for taking democrats for ride off the cliff, by Halimah Abdullah,  McClatchy Newspapers:

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler said last week he partially blames the Obama administration and U.S. House leadership for Democrats’ election losses and his extremely narrow re-election.

“If not there, where else does the responsibility lie?” said Chandler, D-Ky., who had endorsed Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election. “You’re talking about the loss of 60 or something seats held by capable public servants.  There had to be something going on at a level above them. If that isn’t the lesson, I don’t know what is.”

In a wide-ranging interview last week, Chandler said Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have focused on the economy before attempting to reform health care.

Feckless Blue Dog Chandler blames Mrs. Pelosi for driving the democrat caucus over the cliff, yet it was Chandler who first handed the keys to Mrs.  Pelosi and then consented to her agenda a cramming health care down the public’s throat.   The Blue Dogs had the power to take the keys back from Mrs. Pelosi any time they wanted.    They did not and now half will be unemployed come Three January next.

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