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No Shat Sherlock, TSA grope down will kill people.  Just the facts Ma’am.  As driving is much more dangerous than flying, anything which discourage air travel and motivates people to drive, actually costs lives, from Hill:

As the nation readies for one of the busiest traveling holidays, Steven Horwitz, a professor of economics at St. Lawrence University, told The Hill that the probable spike in road travel, caused by adverse feelings towards the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new screening procedures, could also lead to more car-related deaths.

“Driving is much more dangerous than flying, as you are far more likely to be killed in an automobile accident mile-for-mile than you are in an airplane,” said Horwitz. “The result will be that the new TSA procedures will kill more Americans on the highway.”

TSA gropes in the dark, because the Obamatards turned off  the lights, from Nice Deb:

As a direct result of the Obama administration’s decision to be less intrusive on actual terror suspects, it has become profoundly more intrusive on everyday Americans.

Remember that the next time a blue gloved hand slides up your inner thigh at an airport checkpoint.You gave up some rights when you bought the ticket, they’ll tell you.

TSA safety quiz, which of following items is not allowed aboard an aircraft by the Transportation Security Administration:

A.  M-4 Carbine

B.   M-240 Machine Gun

C.   M-9 automatic pistol

D.  Nail Clippers

Answer:  Erich Erichson, Red State.

Feel secure?

Village Idiot  I:  Jimmy Carter, from Kevin Bogardus, Hill

Speaking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday, the former Democratic president took aim at the cable news channel climate, often a target for President Obama as well who says he tries to avoid the cable chatter.

“The talk shows with Glenn Beck and others on Fox News, I think, have deliberately distorted the news. And it’s become highly competitive,” Carter said. “And my Republican friends say that MSNBC might be just as biased on the other side in supporting the Democratic Party, the liberal element.”

Mr President, for your information, Glenn does not do news.   He does commentary.   That what commentators do, give commentary.   Now on the other paw, Keith Olberbite is hired by PMSNBC as a news anchor.   Go figure.

Village Idiot  II: Mark Shields, from Noel Sheppard, Newbusters:

Syndicated columnist and PBS regular Mark Shields on Friday actually said on national television that he has never heard a Democratic leader or presidential candidate accuse former President George W. Bush of lying America into the Iraq War.

I suppose Shields never heard of Valarie Plume,  her husband Joe Wilson, or the  infamous seventeen words.

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