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Just how dumb is Dumbo? MoDo sours on Dumbo b/ka/a Barack Obama, Maureen Dowd, New York Times:

Barack Obama became president by brilliantly telling his own story. To stay president, he will need to show he can understand our story.

At first it was exciting that Obama was the sort of brainy, cultivated Democrat who would be at home in a “West Wing” episode.

But now he acts like he really thinks he’s on “West Wing,” gliding through an imaginary, amber-lit set where his righteous self-regard is bound to be rewarded by the end of the hour

Whereas Dowd used to once think Obama was brilliant,  Clarice Feldman appears never to been aboard that particular band wagon, from 27 July 2009, from  American Thinker:

I have another purpose. I do not believe that someone with such a  consistently weak understanding of economics, history, and the guiding legal document of our nation and its language  merited admission to Columbia University or Harvard law school. Nor can I imagine how anyone could have merited graduation from these institutions (let alone edited the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious legal publication of its kind) with these deficiencies.

And yet more Feldman, from American Thinker:

I don’t know that Obama would deny being an intellectual, except as an insincere attempt at humility. He thinks he’s very bright, and he persuaded hordes of academics and media stars that he was one based on no evidence. The lack of proof of his intellectual prowess has not been rectified in the two years since his election.

Clarice makes her case in detail that there plenty of  evidence of Obama being far less than intelligent, and little, if any, to the contrary.

Is Dumbo an elitist, Peter Baker, New York Times:

Mr. Obama’s remark that autumn evening played into a perception promoted by his critics that he is a Harvard-educated millionaire elitist who is sure that he knows best and thinks that those who disagree just aren’t in their right minds. Never mind that Mr. Obama was raised in less exalted circumstances by a single mother who he said once needed food stamps. Or that although he went to private school, he took years to pay off his college loans.  Something about Mr. Obama’s cerebral confidence has made him into a symbol of something he never used to be.

If makes Mr. Baker feel any better, I do not believe that Obama was educated at Harvard, or any where else, for that  matter.

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