From Gas2, comes the news of what the Obama Misadministration is now pushing:

The Natural Resources Defense Council issued a statement that the EPA and DOT plan to push through regulation that demands automakers get a fleet-wide fuel economy average of up to 62 mpg by 2025.

To which he adds: “sounds good to me”… this labeling himself a complete fool .

As the brainless author in his own article points out, we haven’t even gotten to 35 MPG yet… And look at the devastation that the current “green” initiatives is causing. Mort Zuckerman:

The headline unemployment number underplays the disaster. The 9.6 percent quoted does not reflect those who have stopped looking for work since mid-2008—that would give a rate of over 11 percent. Private incomes remain about 5.4 percent below the level of the third quarter of 2008, a dramatically bigger drop than in any previous postwar cycle, when private incomes never declined at all.

The true figure of our jobs predicament is 17 percent: the combination of the unemployed and the underemployed—those who can only find part-time work. That 17 percent is the highest figure since the 1930s.

Ohhhhh….   and …. yes that includes the “green jobs” that Obama talked about. what we’re seeing is the result of putting the myth a global warming and the socialist redistribution of wealth above the actual creation of jobs.  This is what happens in a command economy.  This is the change that Obama brought to the table.

Can we change it back now, please ?

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