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Dumbo’s Delusions, Michael Goodwin, New York Post:

Barack Obama has gone from a failing president to flailing at ghosts. Even allowing for desperate times, his desperate measures are a national embarrassment.

Emancipation? Give us a break.

With each passing day, his denunciations of dissent and inflated claims of economic progress turn off the independent voters who will decide the midterm elections. He is ignoring the sensible advice to listen to the majority of voters and build a governing coalition.

Usama bin Laden, stand-up comic, via Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Light:

CAIRO – Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden called for the creation of a new relief body to help Muslims in an audiotape released Friday, seeking to exploit discontent following this summer’s devastating floods in Pakistan by depicting the region’s governments as uncaring.

It was the third message in recent weeks from al-Qaida figures concerning the massive floods that affected around 20 million people in Pakistan, signaling a concentrated campaign by the terror group to tap into anger over the flooding to rally support…

If bin Laden wants us to spend less money for defense, he  should first stop waging war on the Wsst.

If the Arabs want more charity, let them spend some of the petro-dollars for relief rather than palaces and golf courses.

Sanchez the Clown – out, Spitzer the John – in, from Kenneth Lovett, New York Daily News:

When Eliot Spitzer’s rehab hits high gear Monday night with his new CNN talk show, most viewers will remember him solely as “Client 9” in a high-end hooker scandal.

More on One Nation rally, I was reading about last weekends labor rally.   One picture had me flummoxed the end to war and the creation of jobs.    Was perplexed by just what economic model they were using, or more apt,  just what planet they were from.   I mean it not like government keeps jobs looked in some hidden locked to be dispense ala  food stamps.

The fact is that labor is a commodity, a product of human  endeavor which has value.   Business buys commodity, like McDonalds buys hamburgers, when they expect they can resell the commodity at a profit.    A business will not purchase a commodity, say labor, if they do expect to garner a profit, in this case selling the fruits of  the purchased labor.

Well Doug Powers, posting at Michelle Malkin, found this gem from Reason Tv,  from a somebody called West Texas Boy.

Jobs are a byproduct of healthy industry. They are not a goal in and of themselves and they most definitely are not something the government itself should be trying to encourage or create.

Note the original is not exactly in the language of Milton Friedman, and it is definitely Not Safe for Work or in front your mother,  Reason Tv,

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