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Hare Brained Congressman Phil Hare ( IL – 17) proves his elevator never gets out of the basement, from Dan Karipides, Wizbang:

And we will see a terrible price that we will pay years down the road for letting our children down when they need us the absolute most. I’m not going to be part of that, so every minute that I have here is going to be spent debunking the myth that this country’s in debt and we just can’t spend.

And the video:

Spending money we do not have and blaming it on the children.

Chris Christie, not spending money New Jersey does not have, by Noah Kazis, Street Blog:

The largest federal transit investment in American history is on its deathbed, reports Andrea Bernstein at Transportation Nation. Three sources have told Bernstein that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ready to pull the plug on the plan to double rail capacity under the Hudson River this week, though Christie denies his mind is made up.

Christie is leader.   Hare is an eggplant.

Deriding Portnoy, Steven Portnoym ABC News:

Derision of the president on his program is nothing new, but Rush Limbaugh’s tone today may have struck the ears of regular listeners as particularly disdainful, taking his contempt of the president to a new level.

The nation’s preeminent conservative talk radio host referred to Mr. Obama as a “jackass,” an “economic illiterate” and an “idiot, where capitalism is concerned

Cut the man some slack, from Dan Riehl, Reihl World ViewL

Jaysus, it may be the first time I was confident he was telling the truth. Obama called Kanye West, who is a jackass, a jackass off the record. Big deal.

If it had been Cheney he would have said, eff him. And I’d have liked that even more

Sorry Steve, no  deal.   If jackass is good enough word for Barack Obama to use as description,  it good enough to use to describe Obama himself.

For what it is worth, don’t believe it appropriate to call Dumbo, a/k/a Barack Obama a jackass.    After all,  jackasses have feeling.  Further Eric told me never to refer to Obama as an ass.   An ass has one useful function.

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