DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Christmas in September, Bobby Gibbs floated for DNC chair, Frances Martel,Mediaite:

According to Mike Allen‘s Saturday morning report, talks have begun within the party to gauge interest in Gibbs as the DNC head for President Obama’s reelection run in 2012. “According to people who have been consulted,” major Democratic donors have reacted positively to the idea, as it would put an Obama campaign insider in full control of the party and expand the Obama administration’s influence outside the White House, along with the impending departure of senior adviser David Axelrod and this week’s departure of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Gibbs is expected to take his leave soon as well, perhaps for an advisory position within the White House.

It is Obama administration practice to throw any democrat necessary under the bus to protect Dim Won.   Come November 2012, Dumbo coujld be a very lonely person.
One Nation, one flop, form Scott Wong, Politico:

Organizers said they were expecting more than 100,000 to attend the rally. Thousands of people packed the area around the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but based on an unscientific estimate there were significantly fewer people than when Fox News’ Glenn Beck hosted the conservative “Restoring Honor” rally there Aug. 28. At that rally, attendees were forced to stand shoulder to shoulder the entire length of the Reflecting Pool.

One Nation March, 2 Oct 2010

If by NAA[L]CP logic one racist sign at Tea Party rally makes all Tea Party goers racist, then one socialist sign at liberal rally, makes them all socialists

Hat tip photo:  Doug Powers, American Power.

Commentary, Kyle-Anne Shiver, American Thinker:

Yes, folks, there are two Americas: the authentic America of community builders and the other America, made up of socialist group-thinkers, moochers, and no-accounts, many of them living off government grants or welfare checks.

The tension between these two Americas has been a constant tug-of-war for nearly a hundred years, since our premier socialist-progressive president, Woodrow Wilson, bore the first rotten fruits of liberal fascism on our shores.

And from Nice Deb, video:

That is all.

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