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Dumbo, a/k/a Barack Obama on the market economy:

“The basic idea is that if we put our blind faith in the market and we let corporations do whatever they want and we leave everybody else to fend for themselves, then America somehow automatically is going to grow and prosper.”

Thirty-three miner in Chili might disagree.   Story from Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal,

Rolling Stone on Dumbo, via Newsbusters:

In fact, when the history of this [Obama[ administration is written, Obama’s opening act is likely to be judged as more impressive than any president’s — Democrat or Republican — since the mid-1960s. “If you’re looking at the first-two-year legislative record,” says [Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute], “you really don’t have any rivals since Lyndon Johnson — and that includes Ronald Reagan.”

It is easy to see how Rolling Stone keeps score, laws enacted count,  actual results to do not.  For the history challenged at Rolling Stone, Lyndon B. Johnson waged to costly wars, the War in Vietnam and the War on Poverty.   For the record, we lost them both.   Whereas the Gipper and Forty-One, ended the Cold War, rolled back the Iron Curtain and freed some fifty million people.   Top that Dumbo.

How did Dirty Harry Reid get rich while in public office, video:

Hat tip:  Michelle

Part of the problem with Washington is the culture of corruption where politicians come to Washington poor but live as rich men.   So how did Dirty Harry Reid get so rich while is supposed public service?.

Dirty Harry’s media stooge, calls debate for Sharon Angle. How bad off is Dirty Harry Reid, when his head media hack, John Ralston, calls the debate for his opponent, from Las-Vegas Sun:

Let’s get the easy part out of the way first:

Sharron Angle won The Big Debate.

Angle won because she looked relatively credible, appearing not to be the Wicked Witch of the West (Christine O’Donnell is the good witch of the Tea Party) and scoring many more rhetorical points. And she won because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looked as if he could barely stay on a linear argument, abruptly switching gears and failing to effectively parry or thrust.

Whether the debate affects the outcome — I believe very few Nevadans are undecided — it also perfectly encapsulated the race: An aging senator who has mastered the inside political game but fundamentally does not seem to care about his public role (and is terrible at it) versus an ever-smiling political climber who can deliver message points but sometimes changes her message or denies a previous one even existed.

Look upon these works, ye mighty, and despair

Dickless man sues to join Ladies golf tour. They do make them stupid in Florida.   From, My Fox Orlando:

Transgender golfer sues LPGA in bid to join tour

(NewsCore) – A former male SWAT team member filed a lawsuit in California against the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) after the now transgender woman was denied in her efforts to join the women’s golf tour, her lawyer said Wednesday.

Lana Lawless, the 2008 Women’s Long Drive Association (LDA) champion, claims in her lawsuit that her civil rights have been violated by the LPGA. The LPGA rules state that no one can play on tour unless she was born female

Only the Lord knows from what planet News Core come, but on this planet, any person born a born will die a man.   Sex is immutable.   If Lana Lawless wants to join a golf tour, let him seek entry in the PGA.

Note the article states that Lawless is legally a female, as if a freeping lawyer can alter the work of God.    When, and if, God ever wants to make Lawless a woman, then he will.   Till then Lawless will remain a male who has to squat

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