There is little to no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is going to be a massive change in Washington , come November, and probably an even bigger one, come 2013.  There’s also little doubt as to exactly why.  The Democrats and their policies have been a massive failure.  Not because they failed to get their policies enacted, but because they did manage to get their policies enacted.  Trouble was, they were the wrong policies.  They always are, it’s just very seldom that how wrong they were and are gets so clearly demonstrated.  The last time was during the Carter misadministration.  Obama is actually giving Carter, bad as he was, a run for the record of “Worst President Ever. ” Again, this is mostly due to Obama’s undeniable success in getting far leftist policies enacted.

As an example, let’s look at leftist tax policy.  This graphic, courtesy of Heritage Action for America, tells the tale quite well.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think that those kind of numbers aren’t going to damage the already fragile economy?  Aside from the liberal democrats and their true believers, I mean?

On this trajectory, Heritage Action says we will see:

  • 230,000 fewer jobs in 2011, 500,000 fewer in 2012, and it only gets worse.
  • $500 billion of your money sent to Washington politicians.
  • 8 million senior citizens will face huge tax increases on their  investment income.

Welcome to the change Obama and the liberals brought. Yes, I’m quite serious.  This is exactly the change he promised.  That little episode on MSNBC the other day where the Obama supporters stood up and said she was tired of defending Obama and his administration and waiting for change to happen? The cruel joke is the problems of the country have on their plate right now, the joblessness, the high taxation, the reduced stature in the world, and the fear, are all a direct result of liberal Democrat policies, as enacted by the Democrats in all three branches of government.  Here’s the dirty little secret:

This is,  in fact the change that Obama promised us.

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