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The recession is dead, long live the recession, MSNBC.

The “Great Recession” has ended, officially.

At least, that’s the official word from the private research organization that calls the beginnings and endings of recessions, the National Bureau of Economic Research. The NBER said Monday that the recession which began in December 2007 ended in June 2009.

That marked the beginning of an expansion, the NBER said, so that any new downturn would be a new recession

This is going to make the Blame Bush card just a wee bit harder to play, but  I fully expect the LSM  to continue to play the card anyhow.

See I told you so, Nice Deb version:

In the wake of that poll, some pundits (including me) predicted that a visit to church would be in Obama’s near future.

Confusing Pee with Pee, from Babalu:

Dictators, like Castro, are not interested in their people but only their personal power.   If keeping the Cuban people in perpetual power is the what is takes to keep Castro in power, then poverty is what it will be.

Declaration of Independence, Cliff  Notes version, video:

Is Dumbo too dumb to read a teleprompter, or is just allergic to the word Creator?  The important, and revolutionary, thing about the Declaration of Independence is not that right did not emanate from God.  Kings had long claimed reign under the divine authority of a god.  Rather the Declaration so boldly asserts that Men, and not governments are endowed with rights.  In the King George, and Barack Obama, version power flows from God, to regent to the people.  In the Thomas Jefferson version rights flow for God, to the People, to their government.  You would fully expect a professor of constitutional law to aware of this.  So why did Obama butcher this detail?

What is wrong with to so-called climate science, from Bill Frezza, Real Clear Markets:

Kerry Emanuel and Daniel Rothman at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT.

Kerry and Dan are neither climate change zealots nor global warming deniers. In fact, they are not even in the business of making climate predictions. In their view the wildly varying climate forecasts spit out by hugely complex black-box computer models have not only become disconnected from sound science but have drawn all the money and talent away from the critical challenge of trying to understand how basic climate mechanisms work.

As your grandfather might have said, and should have said, is that it matter of putting the cart before the horse.    You can not make dependable predictions of climate models is you do not know how the model should work.    As your computer science professor said, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

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