DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Mr. Attorney General – STFU, from Associated Press:

Meeting Tuesday with religious leaders to discuss recent attacks on Muslims and mosques around the U.S., Attorney General Eric Holder called the planned burning both idiotic and dangerous, according to a Justice Department official. The official requested anonymity because the meeting was private

The job of the attorney general is to protect constitutional rights, not attempt to regulate them.

William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection, writes:

Obama’s [read Dumbo’s] obsession with playing class warfare politics is his undoing, not because it necessarily loses him support in isolation, but because it makes him seem petty and vindictive, and damages the economy.

Professor, Dumbo just doesn’t  seem petty and vindictive,  he is petty and vindictive.   Among Dumbo’s first acts as president was  to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British because some slight to his grandfather.

Dumbo’s Dim Idea, last incandescent light bulb goes dark, from Washington Post, via Jim Hoft,  Gateway Pundit:

The last major GE factory making ordinary incandescent light bulbs in the United States is closing this month, marking a small, sad exit for a product and company that can trace their roots to Thomas Alva Edison’s innovations in the 1870s.

The remaining 200 workers at the plant here will lose their jobs.

“Now what’re we going to do?” said Toby Savolainen, 49, who like many others worked for decades at the factory, making bulbs now deemed wasteful.

Two hundred American jobs sacrificed to bolster China’s economy.   Who among us would call this progress?  Certainly not I.

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