DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
One dumb idea, Shikha Dalmia, Forbes:

Don’t Ask, however, will eventually go given the growing and overwhelming public opposition to it – even in the military’s own ranks. That is not the case with the Dream Act on which Republicans have inflamed public opinion almost to a point of no return. They called the Dream Act – yawn! – amnesty, an accusation that Democrats deny. They shouldn’t. The Act, which would give children of illegal aliens who sign up for military service or obtain a college education a shot at citizenship, is amnesty. And there is nothing wrong with it.

As a society, the way to get more a certain behavior to reward it and to get less to punish it.  The DREAM is intended to reward illegal immigrants, and those would only encourage further illegal immigration.   The last thing we need.

More over, Harry Reid’s pet DEEAM act would treat illegal immigrants better than some legal immigrants and citizens.    For example, who more deserviing in state tuition rates say in New York States, a child or family which lives in New Jersey but works in New York or a citizen of Mexico?

One dumb blond, Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) proves that some stereotypes are true.   Sanchez is both blond and dumb, video

Hat tip: Fausta

Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom, also points out that Sanchez is racist:

Behold Democrat Loretta Sanchez forgetting that some people might take offense at her wearing a white hood, even if she states her racist views in Spanish.

Darleen does not quite call Sanchez, Sheets Byrd in a skirt, but I will.    Judging from Darleen’s comments, Sanchez has just turned up the volume for the get of the vote drive, for our Vietnamese Americans.

Oh yeah, Sanchez does lend credence to the theory that when liberals talk about immigrants they only refer to illegal Hispanics.   What say you?

Governor Christie sends an Sicilian shiver down my leg, video:

Hat tip: Ace.

And I thought that Governor Christie said he was only half Sicilian.  It seems all Godfather to me.  And you?

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