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Big Labor

On Labor Day the it seems reasonable to do some research on recent history and on current plans within the unions.

So does Michelle Malkin, who  says today:: [1]

Michelle Malkin [2]My syndicated column today takes on the rise of President Obama’s best new Big Labor buddy, Richard Trumka — whose looming presence on the political scene I first flagged in April [3]. As we noted last week, he’s got a combined $88 million war chest with his labor alliance and a Marxist get-out-the-vote force [4] behind him. When they are through, they’ll make the SEIU Purple Army’s political expenditures [5] (and its thuggery [6]) look like a pittance.

She also goes so far as to post her most recent Creators Syndicate column Big Labor’s legacy of violence [7].

All Americans who like freedom should be reading this and should be reacting to it.  Labor unions are not about freedom.  Labor unions are about force.  And they are not a force for good.  The fact that labor unions have attached themselves to Obama should be your first clue.  A look into the recent history of labor unions, however, should cinch the deal.