On Labor Day the it seems reasonable to do some research on recent history and on current plans within the unions.

So does Michelle Malkin, who  says today::

Michelle MalkinMy syndicated column today takes on the rise of President Obama’s best new Big Labor buddy, Richard Trumka — whose looming presence on the political scene I first flagged in April. As we noted last week, he’s got a combined $88 million war chest with his labor alliance and a Marxist get-out-the-vote force behind him. When they are through, they’ll make the SEIU Purple Army’s political expenditures (and its thuggery) look like a pittance.

She also goes so far as to post her most recent Creators Syndicate column Big Labor’s legacy of violence.

All Americans who like freedom should be reading this and should be reacting to it.  Labor unions are not about freedom.  Labor unions are about force.  And they are not a force for good.  The fact that labor unions have attached themselves to Obama should be your first clue.  A look into the recent history of labor unions, however, should cinch the deal.

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