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The Real Story At the Ground Zero Mosque

So, we read Dianna West: [1]

Stonings at ground zero – that’ll be the day, right? The concept has no manifestation beyond the cold sweat of a dark hours nightmare. Still, there’s something worth gleaning from the not-so-free association process that inspired it.

It clicked when I read a riveting investigation by Christine Brim at BigPeace.com into scrubbed Web site material of the Cordoba Initiative, the Internet home of Imam Feisal Rauf, he of the ground zero mosque. In this trove of information, curiously deleted from the current Cordoba Initiative Web site, lie key clues to Rauf’s long-term program, the Shariah Index Project, whose “goal,” as stated in the “hidden” material, is to “define, interpret and implement the concept of the Islamic state in modern times.”

Yeah, go ahead, and explain to me now this meshes with your ‘religious freedom’ argumen [2]t, guys. You’re allowing yourselves to be fooled. Why, seems a reasonable question.