Noted today an article in the McClatchy News wire… a service that I seldom scan anymore. Today, they offer up something fairly useful.

The first paras:

BAGHDAD — Shiite Iraqi militants have trained in Iran in preparation for attacks against U.S. military bases as American combat forces prepare to withdraw by September, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said on Tuesday.

In an unusually candid assessment, Gen. Ray Odierno said that Kataib Hezbollah – an Iraqi Shiite militant group backed by Iran – may be seeking to take some credit for the long-planned departure of U.S. troops.

“For years these groups have been (saying) that they are forcing the U.S. to leave,” Odierno told reporters in Baghdad. A significant strike “could be a huge propaganda tool for them in the future.”

Well, gee, ya think?

Our commanders on the ground over there are seeing this rather clearly.  It’s the White House and their attitude that has those field commanders very nervous these days.  It’s not just a Iran that this is happening in, either.  You can easily include Somalia and Afghanistan and frankly, Pakistan as well.  And he ran as it the center of all of this.

Let’s make this simple; air and is doing everything they can to kill Americans.  They are setting up for more such attacks, and more vicious attacks, in future.  Meanwhile, the White House still sticks to the foolhardy and arbitrary withdrawal date set forward in their campaign promises to the antiwar left.

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