Stink Progress, as with much of the left like to label the Bush administration as being ‘conservative’ when it suits their purposes.  Example:

This morning, Ted Olson — the conservative lawyer who represented President Bush in Bush v. Gore — appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss his recent victory in overturning Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages in California. Throughout the interview, host Chris Wallace attempted to trip up his guest with a series of familiar Republican talking points, all of which Olson repudiated.

Etc, Etc. But here’s the rub… Olson, like his boss, George W Bush… is at best a centrist, bordering on being full-goose bozo liberal.  That’s a point we”ve made here often in the past and will likely do so in the future. This mislabeling of centrists as conservatives always seems to come out when these borderline leftists like Olson come up with an argument the left agrees with as happens far too often.  It may be an argument point but it doesn’t make it so. Indeed, if the left offers it, suspect an outright lie as in this case.

Think, now… why would the left be so keen to call someone making their argument for them, ‘conservative’?

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