As regular readers will know, I’ve had a new job for a few months now which has prevented me from doing much blogging.

That’s changing, with the addition of an HP/Compaq NC6000 nI picked up used for $100. Everything’s there, everything works, including the wireless networking ability. It runs XP as does every other desktop on my network, save one… and that runs Ubuntu.

I’ve added a WAP at the house so myself and my wife can compute wherever, but I’ve also enabled the mobile Hot Spot on the Palm Pre Phone I carry, so that I have full internet ability wherever I go.  Since I’m set with no data limits (no limits of any kind for that matter) on the phone, I’m now always connected again as I used to be in the days before a laptop was needed.

For charging the laptop in the truck I could have opted for a 12v line, but for several reasons I chose to get a 110vac converter. The 150watt capacity should be more than enough to power the 65watt charger and should provide a level of electrical isolation between my truck and the computer. (Alternator whine is an issue with my truck’s electrical components.) It’ll also run things like my electric shaver and so on.. Why spend big money on things that don’t have any flexability?

Since the laptop has a fairly sizable hard drive, it will allow me to carry serious tunage, as well. (grin) The only thing I’m missing from what I have on my desktop is the multi-screens (I use three screens on my desk) and the voice dictation ability.  (Shrug)

We’ll see how this goes. I have no doubt it’ll be a building process.

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