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Dave Hatter Interview on Fox 19 (WXIX), 7/23/2010 on the Need to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

I was interviewed by Stefano DiPietrantonio on 100723 on the 10 O’clock news regarding the necessity of ensuring that your Wi-Fi (wireless) network is secure to prevent data theft, identify theft, viruses and network intrusion.  This story was prompted by a piece of scum who was running servers for child porn out of his house using his neighbor’s unsecured Wi-Fi connections. Where do you think the FBI went first? That’s right, to the neighbor’s houses!

You can watch this interview and many others on my YouTube channel:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUIrapI108A [1]

Please share this to inform your friends and neighbors, and take steps to ensure that your network is secured!

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