Several notes.

  • Well, first of all, we have had some site issues this morning, apparently relate to an issue with a plugin update. For some reason, the webserver cache isn’t responding as it should.  I’ve disabled it to allow business as usual to go on here at BitsBlog. I’m investigating it …. (As are the IX Webhosting folks) and will let you know.
  • The new job continues apace.  Here’s a look at the truck I’ve been driving. This pic was taken while waiting for a loading to be completed at Fairport, NY, just east of Rochester. It’s looking better today than this pic shows… cleanups are always an ongoing process.
    I’m working twelve to fourteen hours a day, generally speaking.  Six to eight of that being actual drive time.  The rest of it, handling logistics, waiting for loading and unloading, and so on.  My realm appears to be limited to New York State so far, Albany to Buffalo, with an occasional run to the southern tier .  By the time I get home from that, though I’m totally whipped, and all I want to do is sleep.  That’s why I’ve not been nearly as active online the last couple months.  I must say that the company has been treating me very well for all that.  I’ve been very pleased… more so than I figured on, on the whole.  The truck they’ve assigned me  (as you can see) is an older one but very comfortable once I cleaned it up and did some work in it and on it, and they’ve been very tolerant of my making the thing my own, if you will.  I’ve been very comfortable with driving it these last few weeks. I consider myself lucky for that and because I’ve managed to get a job it looks like I’ll be able to keep… and in this economy, that’s a real premium. It justifies my choice to switch careers at this late stage.
  • That said, I’ve decided to try to continue the Nightly Ramble in a somewhat shorter and quicker format. Since I have so little time anymore with this new job I’m working, perhaps adding my sites a little lower in terms of daily content will allow me to continue coming up with daily commentary.

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One Response to “Some Notes From Da Boss”

  1. Hi Eric!  It’s good to hear that things are going so well on your new job, even given those long hours (which I know you prefer to the opposite situation).  Congratulations on making such a successful career change. That’s something a lot of people talk about and few people do.  Good going!