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  • RESPONSIBILITY AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOVERNMENT REMOVES IT: So much for the utopia that then candidate Obama promised us, once he was elected.  According to the Marathon Pundit 21 people were shot in separate incidents in Chicago on the 29th of this month.  Now, it is almost knee jerkish to suggest that what’s going to come out of this is more calls for gun legislation.  ( Hillary Clinton the other day, for example.  ) But.. should we, as the Obama administration and liberals everywhere appear to do always and forever, separate the responsibility of the people holding said weapons?  I drive a tractor trailer for a living.  Often , this truck that I drive is loaded with enough weight to bring the very close to my weight total weight limit of 80,000lbs… Certainly, this is enough to cause serious damage to anything I decide to drive into.  Yet, I don’t.  There are millions of gun owners out there, who similarly do not use the tools that they carry to create the kind of mayhem that we saw in Chicago.  So, comes the question, why?  I mean, let’s ignore for the moment that study after study reveals that legal gun ownership lowers crime rates.  The murder rate in the big cities has gone sky high comparatively within the last year.  If we are to attribute victim status to those pulling the triggers, as the Dim Won is wont to do, does the recent upsurge in crime suggest that with Obama in office they’re more victims now with liberals in charge, than they were a couple of years ago?
  • SUBS IN THE GULF: According to a link posted by Andrew Ian Dodge, Israeli submarines are headed out into the gulf. Another aspect of Obama failed foreign policy.   These failures are coming hard and fast, people, and they’re getting to the point where they can’t be ignored.

    PBS, the primary bastion of coercively financed liberal elitism, has officially jumped the shark.

    Let’s view the quote again, from PBS host Tavis Smiley:

    Christians do that every single day. In this country. … There are so many more examples of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country where you live and work.

    By their words, you shall know them. The socialist left in this country has long held Christianity to be the same problem that Marx held it to be.  PBS has once again revealed itself as part of that mindless set.

  • OBAMA’S KATRINA: When even Frank Rich of the New York Times starts questioning the credibility of president Obama starts raising the possibility that we’ve been right all along about the oil spill in the gulf being the Obama’s Katrina, you know that the credibility issues surrounding this White House are not going to go away until Obama himself does.  I have to tell you, though, that there is a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, that this is an attempt on the part of this far and leftist, anti-oil, anti-business, and anti-free-market White House to put the worst possible spin on oil drilling off shore.  The article suggests, correctly, that Obama and his incompetence are hurting the big government agenda.  For the short term, that’s probably true.  But as we saw many times over the last century, socialists… like Rich himself, (now having admitted it)  have a tendency to take the long view these things. If the left, Obamites, particularly, wanted to create an anti drilling sentiment in this country, they could hardly have orchestrated it better.  And what’s this I hear about the connections between BP and Rahm Emanuel ?
  • SESTAK, BRIBES, AND JAIL The Sestak story… it is yet another one of those stories that calls into serious question the credibility and the possible/probable  criminality of the Obama White House.  Here’s a great time line you need to look at about this story.  You can of course understand why the democrats are playing this one very carefully and low key.   If Sestak is lying, the Democrats possibly lose Pennsylvania.  If, on the other hand, he’s telling the truth, we’re (and that seems to me more likely) going to see people perp-walked out of the White House. In that event, not only do they lose Pennsylvania, but they also end up with an unrecoverable situation in the next election nationally.  I notice stories on the wires how Bubba actually had lunch with Obama in the White House last week.  Clearly, a strategy session ensued.  In other words, they had to get their stories on the same line.   Why Clinton? Why would they ask someone whose ass needed to be kissed bigtime for any support at all? (Clinton’s words, following the last election, and the defeat of Hillary in the primary) You tell me… what better person could they possibly ask, to perform a clearly  illegal act in pursuit of the furtherance of leftist causes?  The mumbling currently coming from the Obama White House, is that “this has how it’s always been done”.  Well, look, even if so, wasn’t Obama pledging to change that, back when he was running for the office?  Should we not now chastise and condemn him for breaking his promise, yet again?  I want you to consider something over the next day or so.  This story surrounding this bribe coming from the White House has been bouncing around in the back rooms and in the tickle files since February.  With all that time involved, don’t you think that the White House should have been able to come up with something better than this, if it were at all possible to make this situation looked more aboveboard that it does right now? If all of this was nothing more than businesses usual, then why didn’t we see Clinton’s big nose stuck into the camera explaining all of this ?  I smel something far stinkier than what we’re being told of here.  I suggest to you that this situation is far dirtier than anyone outside the White House believes.
  • THE ISRAEL FLOTILLA STORY: I made mention the other day about how all Israeli submarines were making their way into the gulf .  I failed to make mention of the number of surface ships that are already out there.  John Hawkins who should be under regular reading list anyway, has come up with a comparison of the reaction of both political sides in this country to the flotilla story.  It’s a must read.
  • THE WAGES OF EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Donald Douglass merely scratches the surface here but it’s as good an expose’ on the matter as I’ve ever seen.

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