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Dumbo and the Czars, Michelle, “Stuck on Stupid:”

Here is the Obama Disaster Management Theory: In times of crisis, you can never have enough unelected, unvetted political appointees hanging around. Nearly two months after the BP oil spill, the White House will now name an oil-spill-restoration point person to oversee recovery efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Too many czars have already spoiled this administration’s credibility. Might as well pile on another.

If  you can not, or will not lead, appoint yet another Czar.

Sarah Palin is no Maggie Thatcher, Claire Berlinski, Guardian (UK)

That said, if [Sarah] Palin hopes to style herself as the second coming she has a few things to learn. She might wish to study Thatcher’s disciplined command of arguments, facts and statistics, for instance. By the time Thatcher was elected, she’d enjoyed a 20-year parliamentary career. Her clearly expressed views – clearly expressed, I stress – about every crisis, problem and debate of concern to Britain were a matter of public record. Palin has neither said nor written a line so far that would allow anyone reasonably to conclude that her opinions about economic and foreign policy are as cogent and informed as Thatcher’s. No one (not me, anyway) can argue with her conservative instincts, but to compare her ability to express them with Thatcher’s would be ludicrous

Few mortals, including Sarah Palin,  can stack up to Maggie Thatcher.   Lucky for Mrs. Palin  sho would not be facing Mrs. Thatcher,  but either Barack Hussien Obama or Mrs B.J. Clinton, not exactly the two sharpest knives in the drawer.  Obama does not stack up well with Jimmie Carter.

Bobby Gibbs is dumber than a brick, from DRJ, Pattericos Pontifications:

“We need to take some bold steps, and Congress needs to work with this President to take bold steps to break once and for all our dependence, as you said, on foreign oil and on fossil fuels and make sure that the car that my son drives and the car that my grandchild drives isn’t powered by something that has to be imported from overseas or drilled at 5,000 feet below the ocean, but is powered by the sun and the wind and the rain.”

I can jsut see it.  Every car with rain basin on its roof to power the hydro generator.  Yeah that’s the trick Bobby.   DRJ has the video, if can abide that much of Gibbs idiocy.

Serial Murder Amy Bishop indited by Massachusetts. Better late than never.   Maybe if  Bishop has been prosecuted in1986, her Alabama murder spree would have been averted.    Details from Donovan Slack and Shelley Murphy Boston Globe:

CANTON — Amy Bishop has been charged with murder for the 1986 shotgun slaying of her 18-year-old brother in their Braintree home, Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keating said this afternoon.


The slaying of Seth Bishop was declared an accident by Norfolk County authorities at the time. But questions were raised about the investigation after Bishop, a college professor, was charged in February in a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama Huntsville. Three of Bishops’ colleagues were fatally shot and three wounded in that

Bishop should never again be allow to walk free.

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